Current Trends

With the rise of Mobile Web Apps using modern javascript frameworks, what are the challenges for improving UI Design without CSS? Is this a step backwards for User Experience testing and UI prototyping?


The popularity of ReactJs has almost caught up with the Angular framework worldwide, while there has been a steady decline in JQuery manipulation of the UI. There also appears to be a gradual decline in CSS, which may indicate a shift to a javascript based style implementation used by React and Angular (2-4).

Graph of last 5 years adoption Worldwide of Angular vs React


China's massive tech market appears to strongly prefer ReactJs over Angular framework

Worldwide map of Angular vs React adoption


India's large consulting tech market is maintaining a strong preference for Angular, though there is some React growth in New Dehli and in the southwest coast.

North America

The major tech centers of Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, Auckland & Wellington NZ, Melbourne and Scotland (as well as media centers like Vancouver BC, Sydney and New York) are all seeing rapid growth in ReactJS than in Angular, which leaves serious questions about the future of CSS in mobile app development.

Last 5 years adoption in the United States of Angular vs React

In Silicon Valley and the West Coast, React is closing in on Angular to become the preferred javascript framework for mobile web apps. However in Chicago, Montreal, and Washington DC Angular still maintains a solid lead.

Canada map of React adoption United States map of React adoption